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Home Styling

Reinvent your space with the items you currently have, experience a fresh approach and delight yourself again in many areas of your home. Designed for living not leaving!

Two-Hour Tour

Let me help you intentionally rearrange and creatively utilize your existing furnishings, artwork and accessories to transform any room in your home into a stylish, revitalized and inviting space which reflects your personal style and taste. By grouping items and displaying items in a purposeful way, your home will feel pulled together and you will surround yourself with the things that you love, feeling more balanced and up-to-date.

The Green House

Whether you need help picking the right furniture or accessory for a favorite space or need ideas about how to create that stylish room but are not sure how to pull it together, I can help. I will make suggestions, give ideas and direct you where to buy pieces from sources which save money as well as offer beautiful selection. My experience, innovative and cost effective design ideas will help you to achieve your home styling goals on your budget.

The Green House is a five hour service which can include shopping together with a break for coffee of course! Five hours of my undivided attention, focusing on your needs and budget. Prepared to be tickled “green”!

The Green Experience

I want to help you capture your distinct design style (yes, you have one!).  After the initial thirty minute free consultation, together, we will further assess your “design personality” through a questionnaire and magazine exercise designed to identify your favorites, preferences, interests, style, and needs. You will flag pictures of rooms, furniture and accessories that appeal to you. This will gives us a strong sense of your general likes, dislikes, and provides a great starting point for creating a personalized design plan. Whether you have small children, or a busy corporate executive, every aspect of your lifestyle is considered when creating a sophisticated and functional space.

The Green Experience will include personal style identification, collaborating on paint, carpet, cabinets, flooring, furniture and accessories. We will visit local show rooms and turn things over to a local contractor to make your selections become a reality. This several day process and pricing may very depending on the scope of the project (number of rooms, etc.)

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